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Learn FUN ways to feel your Power. Explore how to be a blended being.


Take the Journey of Self-Discovery!




Belly Buttons Upside Down,
Separating the Wisdom from the Lint and Getting  what YOU want,
 is a Feel Good book with lots of playful exercises and questions to guide you to feeling  better more often.

We are masters at being critical of ourselves and others, when all we really wish to do is feel
This book presents numerous opportunities to feel better more often by directing your attention
to the beauty residing inside.
Recognize it, nurture it, and watch all phases of your life blossom. 
YOU decide where and when to direct your journey.
This light filled workbook has plenty of exercises and room to write.  
Chapters suggest simple ways to increase intuition, worthiness, self-love, and harmony--all in
the safety of your home, with a best friend, or in your favorite book club.


Contact us to schedule Chris:
  • To conduct a Belly Buttons Upside Down or a Loving By Nature  Workshop,
  • To be your Empowerment Keynote Speaker,
  • To be your Wedding Celebrant, exercises to keep your relationship vibrant,
  • To be your 1-on-1 Spiritual Life Coach, or
  • To request group sales, or licensing for use of copyrighted material.      
  • Belly Buttons Upside Down Workshops follow the Workbook.  
    In these popular workshops, Christine leads groups through more exercises and shares
    answers to common queries as audience members glean insights. 
    Contact us directly to see if one is being scheduled in your area.
  • Loving By Nature  Workshops  borrow from the BBUD exercises and fold in elements of nature and other elements of Divine Love and Wisdom.
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Grounding Meditation

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