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Meet Chris

      Christine Bajorek is a Spiritual Sherpa who leads others to peace and joy!  She has worked with clients in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Christine is the author of Belly Buttons Upside Down, Separating the Wisdom from the Lint and Getting What YOU Want.

      Much of her inspiration flows from her worldwide adventures, unique encounters with nature, and ongoing quest for wisdom. She loves the challenge and humility from a long walk, much like she has experienced on the Camino de Santiago, the Rachel Carson Challenge, and the summiting of Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

     Christine holds a doctorate in jurisprudence, a Naturalist certificate, a Master's Certification in NLP, and a ministry license. She lives in Ohio and Australia. She is the founder of Loving By Nature  and the Belly Buttons Upside Down Workshop Series. She is available for keynotes, workshops and coaching worldwide.

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Dr. Christine Bajorek

Keynote, Spiritual Sherpa, Author, Coach, & Workshop Leader

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