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What Others have said:

"Belly Buttons Upside Down is a great book; it's full of beautifully written self-developmental tools drawn from the latest in research. Anyone interested in working towards a happier, healthier, more intentional and alive life should buy it."

Ruth Sudgen, Occupational Therapist/Family Therapist Sydney, Australia


"Chris energizes the power and worthiness that lies within us all." Laura, workshop attendee

 "Over years of friendship and professional interaction, I have watched Chris transform many lives, including my own, through her encouragement of the deliberate use of positive language, imagery and sense of wondrous fun.
I have always been a “believer” but until I changed my own internal dialogue and came to faithfully rely on what already existed within me, I lived my life on the outside looking in.
Today, I live and love with the profound understanding that I am the creator of my world.  
Thank you, Chris for your gentle, patient, and unwavering belief in me. “

Jane Eigner Mintz, MA, LPC, BCPC, BRI-II, CFMI-S



"This book will change your life! I have already begun using the exercises and have felt a shift in my life already"

Debbie, book launch attendee​


"I can't wait to use it with my husband!"

Barbara, workshop attendee

"I want Chris to start working with young women too!" Michelle workshop attendee

"Working on me is not nearly as scary as I thought. Chris makes it Fun!"

Private client 



“Chris loves to see others shine. She is an effective and lively workshop leader. Her sessions are playful as she pulls from her worldwide experiences."

Pat Putman Small Business Coach

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