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Frequently Asked Questions

Check and see if we have answered your questions below. If not, please contact us, and we will do our best to get you the information you want. 

What's a typical Belly Buttons Upside Down Workshop?

We've never conducted the same workshop twice, but many elements are the same. All are designed to help the participants uncover their wisdom--in a playful way.

The best workshops have just the right mix of guidance from Christine and an engaging audience. Bring an open mind and something to take notes.  

Current Workshop options per individual are for a 90 minute workshop, for a half day, and  for a full day. Contact us to coordinate the details. All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change.

Workbooks will be available for purchase, but are not necessary for the workshops.

Feel welcome to bring your copy to class to take notes and emphasize areas covered. 

What have been the most popular BBUD or Loving By Nature  Workshops? 

Of course, everyone has a preference, but these have been some of the favorites:

  • Fearlessness Workshop--Getting out of Your Own Way and Getting what YOU want

  • The Power of Gentleness Workshop--Using the Law of Attraction in Relationships

  • What do your Numbers say about YOU?

  • Recognizing Signs from Animals and Nature


What's included in 1-on-1 Coaching?


Each engagement is personalized based on client's goals and objectives. Honest, direct, and cordial dialogue from all parties is expected. All terms and conditions will be kept confidential. The work, success, and application of the coaching is entirely up to you. 

Contact Christine for specific details. She reserves the right to decide who she will coach.

*Certainly continue to consult with your healthcare professionals. This program is designed to enhance existing programs, and is not meant to be a replacement of methods or prescriptions currently employed. 

How far in advance do we need to coordinate a workshop/coaching?


It depends on location, number of participants, and length of workshop. Plan on a least 90 days out, sometimes a full year in advance is necessary if outside the United States.

Current prices per individual are for a 90 minute workshop, for a half day, and for a full day, and are subject to change. Contact us to coordinate the details.

Travel and accommodations for Christine must be paid as well if greater than 100 miles from Ohio home office.

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