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Take the Journey of Self-Discovery. 

   Playfully and Loving Explore Who

   You REALLY are. 

Loving By Nature--Healing LOVE!
Reclaim YOUR Wisdom, Vibrancy, & Harmony by Playfully and Lovingly Exploring Who You Really Are: 
   Powerful! &

     ​  Photo by CCBajorek

     Discover and Celebrate the
Magnificence in YOU

        that's in all Nature.  
    Meditations on Itunes!

 Gentle Self Discovery thru       journaling and inquiry.


Easily learn how to:


  • Jump start your Vitality and Inspiration

  • Recall your Worthiness

  • Ignite New Habits and Sex Appeal

  • Listen to your inner Wisdom

  • Heighten and align your Awareness

  • Love yourself playfully and gently

  • Let go of what is no longer serving You

  • Mold Expectations and Beliefs to match your Goals


        Grab a book,

      grab a  friend, or            go solo, but get    started & awaken who          YOU really are! 

Favorite Workshops :

Many have used Belly Buttons Upside Down and the Loving By Nature®
playful workshops for a myriad of life changes such as: greater vitality, deeper spirituality, weight loss, better relationships, stirred creative juices, and awakened desires.
              Choose which Workshop feels good to YOU!

Hear a podcast on compassionate action

to get a sense of what we do :  

     Photo CCBajorek

Messages from the Universe Workshop

Hawks often bring Messages.

Do you have a favorite number, animal, flower, or landscape?

Come explore what these and other messages may mean for you.

Discover how to notice the signs around you and use them to your advantage.


       Photo by SPlatt


Chickadees are known for their fearlessness.

What do you want in your Life? How can you become Fearless in getting it?

Learn how to take on new goals and challenges with more courage and focus, as you dispel limiting beliefs and welcome help from the universe.

 Photo CCBajorek

The Power of Gentleness


We can all benefit from being gentler on ourselves while embracing our vulnerabilities and strengths.

Awaken your self-love with playfulness, authenticity,and forgiveness.

Start feeling more powerful as you reveal your inner wisdom.

* Continue to consult with your healthcare professionals. This program is designed to enhance existing programs, and is not meant to be a replacement of methods or prescriptions currently employed.​ The degree of focus, work, and success is up to you! We'll supply tools and help make it fun.

Loving By Nature® is a trademark registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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